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"Thank you for your help in transforming my listening room into a magical space.

Spring Condo Apartment Event Show Rosemont IL

I am fortunate enough to have had a dedicated room constructed for Hi-Fi in my home....."

Since SMT designed and installed their optimized devices around the room, there is now a total absence of coloration; where "tonal color" and character take on a much more authentic, realistic presentation. I no longer hear the room or the system: I experience the music.

And the wonderful layers deep in my favorite recordings are now plainly revealed, each within its own space, but still woven within the fabric of the event. I now not only hear the musician's sound, but their effort as well. Their "intent." Music that didn't speak to me in the past has become more vivid, more emotional, more present. I enjoy much more music now that the SMT "system" has certainly injected life and emotion to the room.

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For Soundproofing of your Home or Office, Commercial Build-Out, Home Theater or Listening Room Construction ....we'll meet with you for a Complimentary Consultation.

We Had Great Reviews At the AXPONA - Audio Expo North America in Rosemont!
April 15-17, 2016 10:00am to 5:00pm


Accurate Construction and Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems provided several Listening Rooms for your Audio Experience at the AXPONA Show.  Visitors were able to see and touch our superbly designed, high performance systems with SMT Producst; the best in the business. Experience sound like never before. Request a Complimentary Consultation.

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We Were Happy To See You At the Spring Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apt. Expo in Rosemont!
Saturday, May 18, 2016 10:00am to 4:30pm

Spring Condo Apartment Event Show Rosemont IL

We are available to speak with you about your personal needs for Soundproofing of your Condo, HOA, Co-op or Apartment as well as any Commercial Build-Out, Home Theater or Listening Room Construction needs. Request a Complimentary Consultation.

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Acccurate Construction Specialties - Stopping Sound One Decibel At A Time!

Offering Premium Design and Detailed Construction To Meet Your Needs

#1 Chicago Construction Contractor for Soundproofing a Room and Experts in Best Home Theater System

Get Privacy By Soundproofing a Room With Accurate Construction Builders and Remodel Contractor

Chicago’s Best Home Theater System Installation and Custom Home Theater Rooms
Local Builders Located In Chicago Area but We Are Available Nationwide!

Chicago is often called “the city that works”. That statement alone carries with it the amount of industrial efforts and of course the noise that goes along with it. Simply putting up a wall does not block out the roar of such a developing, working city. We have come to realize that our specialty services for soundproofing a room are needed in more areas than just Chicago. In such a unique field of construction, Accurate Construction has started branching out and taking on the the entire nation by stopping sound one decibel at a time!

Serving Chicago, Cook County and Lake County IL area as well as nationwide specialists for soundproofing, listening rooms and home theater construction specialists, Accurate Construction is a design build contractor able to meet all of your needs. We offer an array of services to assist you with any project -- from home construction to renovations, restorations, additions or repairs. No job is too big or too small.

You can count on Accurate Construction to bring its commitment to quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing to every project, no matter how big or small. Our highly skilled and trained craftsmen take pride in all they do, and it shows in every thoughtfully planned and constructed detail. When you are looking for premium construction services, look no further than Accurate Construction.

Chicago’s Professional Home Theater Rooms Installation and Specialty Listening Rooms

  • Commercial Soundproofing
  • Home & Condo Soundproofing
  • Soundproofing a Room
  • Acoustical Fabric Curtains
  • Accoustical Fabric Panels
  • Home Theater Construction
  • Listening & Music Room Construction
  • Recording Studio Construction
  • Commercial Build-Out Contractor
  • Custom Cabinetry

Get Privacy By Soundproofing a Room With Accurate Construction

Soundproofing a room can help reduce noise from:

  • Thin & Common Walls Chatter
  • Footfall Traffic High Heels & Boots
  • Elevated Rails & Trains
  • Cars & Traffic Noises
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Planes & Airport Noise
  • Undesired Music
  • Noisy Neghbors

We are a company of great skill and advanced construction with a niche for custom design.

  • Added Privacy
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Better Concentration and Less Frustration
  • Increase in Property Value
  • Higher Quality of Life

What People Say

"We hired Accurate Construction after careful research of products and companies experienced in soundproofing. They really know the products and were able to advise us on the best combination to achieve maximum results..."
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Chicago Soundproofing Client

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